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Bruk hashtag #norskrallylydighetsklubb og vis flotte bilder av sporten vår. <3

  • Mother and daughters!  AtheneMiaAlfie kennelprimigenia primigenia primigeniaakull akull athenediprimigenia
  • puddel pudel poodle storpuddel blackpoodle standardpoodle tunell rallylydighet norskrallylydighetsklubb igdog
  • YAY we came second best in our unofficial rallyobedience club
  • It was way more snow than we expected and we
  • Hei alle! Hper dere har en super treningsuke med hundene
  • From the Norwegian championchip
  • BEST FRIEND Cant imagine what I would do if anything
  • Restless alert  I cant wait for this stupid canine
  • Ola got 1 price and 5 place with 188 points
  • This evening its time for some Rally obedience training Do
  • Ayla viste i dag at selv om ferien fra strukturert
  • Sorry for such an bad updateing the last couple of